6 Cheat-Proof App Blockers That Make You Focus

If you’re distraction-prone, most common app-blockers and focus tools won’t cut it. You need an app that will force you to follow through on your commitments. It’s not easy to cancel or adjust if you don’t feel like it.

For those who want a stronger hand, here are six strict app and website blockers that won’t let you down.

be careful with permissions

For an app to hold you accountable, it needs more control over your phone. Always be careful when granting top-level permissions.

If you know the developer is trustworthy, these permissions allow the app to keep its word with you. Make sure they understand the permissions you’re granting and how they can use them.

1. Freedom

Freedom helps people quit phone addiction, but it also works well as a productivity tool. To use the app, you create block lists for both the app and the website. You then create a block session, choosing which block list to use.

If you are a premium user, you can set these sessions to recur on a schedule. Freedom can also prevent you from changing or deleting an ongoing session. But this strict mode is only available for premium users.

You can’t get away with switching to desktop either. This app is also strict app and website blocker for computer. It is cross-platform with desktop versions and browser extensions for various systems.

2. AppBlock

AppBlock provides blocking profiles with additional hard commit features. It works well to make you commit to staying away from distractions even in the free version.

The app has a strict mode with different levels of security. This may prevent you from editing the profile, uninstalling the app, or revoking the app’s permissions.

If Strict Mode seems excessive, there’s also a Simpler Lock Mode. When you lock a profile, the app prevents you from changing it while you’re on the go.

You cannot disable any of the modes while they are running. So make sure they are not blocking important apps like the Phone app.

You can use the app for free. But for best results, you need the premium version. As a free user, you cannot run Strict Mode for more than 24 hours or lock a profile for more than 4 hours. You can also limit how many app blocks and profiles they can set up.

3. Stay Focused

Stay Focused is a highly customizable blocker with strict focus mode. You can use plain block or pomodoro block (wait timer). You can also choose usage-based blocks that apply when you exceed app time or app launch limits.

It blocks app launches, notifications, websites, and even keywords. Blocking a keyword will block any web link containing that word. This is much more flexible than blocking specific domains.

There are different levels of hardness to make sure you stick to your block. Lock mode requires a password to change settings or uninstall an app. This works best when you give the password to someone else.

Strict Mode, the highest level, locks you in blocks. This prevents you from changing settings or uninstalling without a solution. The free version cannot run for more than six hours in strict mode.

Premium users also get to bypass block lists and usage limits. It also unlocks access to Action Widgets that you can access from the Home screen.

4. HelpMyFocus

HelpMeFocus uses the same formula as most blockers, but its security measures are different. It uses a password system to make sure you don’t cheat. To change any block profile, even one that is not running, requires a password.

By default, the app generates a random captcha-style password when you try to change something. For added security, you can choose a user password. Then, ask someone you trust to set a password and keep it a secret from you.

The password system makes the block more flexible but equally strict. In a true emergency, you can tell your password holder why you need to avoid the block. But if it’s a momentary temptation, you’ll be blocked.

Pro users can also enable Super Strict Mode. This mode prevents you from making changes to a profile while it is running. You cannot get out of it even by uninstalling the app.

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