6 Cool Effects You Can Add to Your FaceTime Calls

Video calls have become a regular part of life. Whether for work or just a casual chat with friends, we rely on video calls to bridge the distance and interact face-to-face. If you are using Facetime to connect with people, you can make your calls more interactive and engaging by using camera effects on Facetime.

Here’s how to use FaceTime Effects on an Apple device.

Devices That Can Use the FaceTime Camera Effect

While FaceTime can be used by older models like the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, you need a newer device to be able to use effects on FaceTime.

While typing, you can’t use camera effects on a Mac. However, macOS Monterey allows Macs with Apple silicon to use portrait mode. More on this later.

1. Be Memoji in FaceTime

Memojis are Apple’s customizable 3D avatars that look just like you. You can use an iPhone with Face ID or an iPad with the TrueDepth camera to show up as a Memoji on your next FaceTime call.

Of course, you’ll need to create your own Memoji first. If you have multiple Apple devices that are signed in to the same Apple ID, any Memoji you use on one of your devices will be synced across all the others. But don’t worry, you can always create multiple Memoji for yourself.

After doing so, tap the Effects button in a FaceTime call, then tap the Memoji icon.

2. Use filters to change how you look

Filters are like special effects that change the lighting, hue and tone of your video. Some of the special effects mimicked comic books, watercolor paintings, and camcorder recordings.

3. Add Text Labels to FaceTime Calls

You can also add text or a shape as part of your display, such as a thought bubble with text inside.

During a FaceTime call, tap your tile, then select the Effects button.

Tap on the Text Label (AA) button. Tap to expand the selection, then select the text label. The text label will appear on your display. Type the text you want to appear to replace the default text, then tap away from it.

Touch and hold the text and drag it to where you want it to appear on your screen.

If you want an emoji to appear on your screen display, tap the large smiling face on the selection, then select an emoji. Tap anywhere on the screen, select your tile, then drag the emoji to where you want it.

To delete a text label or emoji, simply tap it and hit the Delete button.

4. Add Stickers to Your FaceTime Screen

There are a variety of stickers that you can add to your screen display on FaceTime. During a FaceTime call, tap your Tile, then do any of the following.

Add a Memoji sticker: Tap the Memoji icon . Choose a Memoji or Animoji from the icons at the top. Choose from available stickers. Drag the sticker anywhere on your screen.

Add emoji stickers: Tap the Emoji stickers icon . Select an emoji, then drag it around the screen.

Standard emoji stickers: Tap the Effects button , select the text label (Aa), expand the selection, then tap the smiley face. Choose an emoji.

5. Add Shapes to Your FaceTime Screen

You can also add funky, static or moving shapes to your screen display.

Just choose the Shapes icon or the red scribble icon.

Then choose the shape you want to add to your screen’s display.
Drag the shape anywhere on your screen.

You can also pin the shape to your face so it follows you as you move. Simply drag it over your face and wait until a yellow frame appears.

6. Use Portrait Mode with FaceTime

You can use Portrait Mode with FaceTime on your device to blur out the background so that the focus is on you. This feature works on an iPhone or iPad with an A12 Bionic chip or later, or on a Mac with Apple Silicon running macOS Monterey or later.

Currently, this is the only available FaceTime video effect available on the Mac.

Combine Multiple FaceTime Features

You can even apply multiple camera effects to your display at the same time. For example, you can blur your background in portrait mode, even when you’re showing yourself as a Memoji.

Make Facetime Calls Fun

Explore camera effects on Facetime to make your calls more alive, engaging and fun. You can also play around with your appearance by pairing one or more features together.

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