8 Smart Tech Gadgets for the Adventurous Traveler

The best travel experiences are often off the conventional grid. It’s easy to disconnect from technology and social media when you’re in a remote location surrounded by natural beauty, where the only information to distract you is the sunset.

Still, being in the woods isn’t absolutely necessary to disconnect from digital distractions. But when you want to share your adventures with friends and family or stay safe on your next adventure, it’s good to stay connected and be smart about it. Here are some of the best tech gadgets for travelers.

1. Smart Accessories

Smart luggage has revolutionized the travel industry. Gone are the days when you had to contend with an overloaded bag during your travels, or worse, your checked bag lost by an airline company. Now you can use GPS technology to track in real-time where your suitcase is.

If your bag is too heavy, it will also weigh itself on the baggage claim scale to make sure you don’t have to pay for overages. The smart luggage is made from high-tech materials to ensure it’s extra tough and also has a built-in battery, so you can charge your devices while you wait for your next flight.

2. Bluetooth Headphone

Earbuds are often uncomfortable, fall out easily, and get lost easily. Bluetooth headphones are great for travelers because they sit comfortably around your neck, won’t fall out of your ears, and let you easily switch songs or take phone calls.

They’re also equipped with noise-canceling technology that’s perfect for long plane rides. So whether you prefer earbud-style headphones or ones that go on top of your head and around your ear, a good pair of Bluetooth headphones with good battery life is a must for any traveler. There are a variety of styles that will suit whatever activity you’ll be doing on your trip.

3. Anti-theft Backpack

A good backpack is like a travel companion without which you will never want to leave home. However, some backpacks are better than others in ensuring that your valuables are protected at all times.

Pickpockets tend to hang out in crowded places like tourist attractions or busy markets, so it only takes a second for your wallet to be swiped from your pocket. Many backpacks have a built-in wire mesh lining that helps protect against pickpockets trying to unzip the zipper from behind you.

If you are going on a hike, these backpacks also have a hidden pocket at the bottom of the bag where you can easily store your passport and other important documents. Some models also have an RFID blocking pocket that will block any device scanning the inside of your bag and a built-in USB charger to keep your devices charged no matter how long your trip.

4. Smart Travel Lock

Another must-have for long distance travelers is the Smart Travel Lock. This type of lock is a padlock-style cable that you can easily attach to your luggage for added security. It uses Bluetooth or NFC technology to allow you to unlock your bag remotely or with an app on your phone.

You can open and close the Smart Padlock with a digital key or use the built-in code to unlock it at your own pace. Some models are equipped with proximity tracking, so you can track the location of your item in real time when it’s out of your line of sight.

This type of travel lock is perfect for travelers who want the convenience of a traditional padlock with the modern technology of an app.

5. Smart Wallet

Wallets may not sound like a very high-tech device, but there are a number of varieties on the market that come equipped with smart features to help you stay organized. Smart Wallets use RFID shielding and Bluetooth tracking technology to ensure you never lose your wallet or card again.

They’re perfect for blocking any attempts at contactless payments or credit card skimming while you’re out and about. For a traveller, this means you will never again have to worry about losing your cards or cash while traveling.

The best smart wallets also have a built-in tracker, so you can find your wallet if it gets lost, and extra secure compartments to store anything you want to keep extra safe.

6. Portable Power Bank

Since you might be traveling in a new country, you never know when your phone’s battery might start to drain faster than you expect. This can be especially frustrating if your phone’s battery dies while you’re out exploring a new city or even taking an important business call.

Luckily, portable power banks can solve this problem and give you the extra juice you need to stay connected and protected on your travels. You can go with an affordable solar power bank that is lightweight and compact or a more heavy-duty power bank that can charge your devices several times faster.

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