How to Use Quick Resume on Xbox Series

Tired of waiting for your favorite Xbox game to load? Microsoft’s Xbox Quick Resume feature eliminates the need to revisit the title screen on supported games, getting you back in the action instantly.

Next-gen consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Series S have the ability to boot up games ultra-fast. Apart from the graphical and performance enhancements, this is one of the main selling points that people look for in the latest line-up of consoles.

However, the Xbox Series X | S gains the upper hand by allowing you to switch between multiple games, right where you left off.

What is Xbox Series X|S Quick Resume?

Taking advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox Velocity architecture, players can easily switch quickly from one game to the next, saving their current game where it was left.

While it’s important to save your games regularly, Xbox Quick Resume means you can return to the same point in the game as if your game had paused in time. Your gameplay won’t change, and you can choose a game right away, bypassing any launch or menu screens.

Full-memory Xbox Series X|S titles can use up to three save states, meaning you can quickly resume multiple titles you’re currently playing. However, according to Microsoft’s Quick Resume support page, you can create a resume for more titles depending on the console.

The Quick Resume feature also applies to online games. However, if the game is server-based, you may be pushed back to the game’s menu if the online match or game ends, times out, or is disconnected.

Which Xbox games support quick restart?

Most Xbox Series X | s titles support Xbox Quick Resume. But, if you are not sure, you can easily check by launching the game.

Press the Xbox button to open the guide; In the top right corner, there will be a Quick Resume banner. This indicates that the game uses the feature and will save the current state of the game when you switch to another game and return to it later.

Xbox Series X | How to use the Quick Resume feature on S

Using Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X|S is simple; You don’t need to activate or install anything for this to work.

Quick resume will work even after the Xbox is in sleep mode, turned off, or unplugged.

How to remove games from Quick Resume memory

There may be occasions when you don’t want to use Quick Resume, or you may want to replace your existing set of Quick Resume games with other titles.

To do this, press the Xbox button to launch the guide. Navigate to the game you want to delete, then press the Option button on your Xbox controller. From here, you can select Quit to completely close the game.

When you launch the game again, it will boot from scratch, allowing you to continue or load your previous save.

resume games in a jiffy

Quick restart on the Xbox Series X|S console is a welcome feature from Microsoft. With future Xbox updates, players can enjoy more performance enhancements and changes to quick restarts.

For now, though, save your games regularly, and marvel at how the Series X and S still hold an edge over the PS5 by saving game states without taking up extra storage space.

If you’re one of the lucky gamers to have recently gotten one of Microsoft’s flagship consoles, you’re probably asking yourself what options are available in terms of Xbox Series X/S storage. Well, you will be happy to know that it has many possibilities.

This guide will walk you through the options, discuss how you can increase your Xbox Series X or S memory (which may seem a little… ahem… on the stingy side), and give you a quick overview of what you can do with your new console. How to add additional storage. Let’s dive in

The Series X comes with a listed storage capacity of 1TB, but that number drops to around 800GB once you take into account system software etc. The Series S has half that, with just 512GB of memory under that white chassis, giving you just over 300GB at your disposal. But is it big enough to hold all your Xbox games and apps?

Giving your Xbox Series X a storage upgrade might not top your list of priorities with your new console, given its fairly generous capacity (for a console).

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