LinkedIn Launches Its Own Podcast Network

LinkedIn is launching a new podcast network that will deliver in-house content from its news team and the site’s other creators and professionals.

As you might expect, LinkedIn will publish podcasts focusing on business, technology, industry, and other professional topics, and new podcasts are already available to listen to.

LinkedIn introduces new industry-focused podcast

The new LinkedIn Podcast Network will produce podcasts focusing on all things technology, the hiring process, mental health, workplace management, idea generation, or anything else its listeners want.

Each podcast will integrate with LinkedIn’s existing style, where other users interact around content and create peer-to-peer engagement. LinkedIn expects to add more podcast titles in the coming months, expanding its coverage of what keeps the business world ticking.

Where can you listen to LinkedIn’s new podcast?

To start listening to new podcasts, visit the Official LinkedIn Podcast Network home.

The links on that page will direct you to Apple Podcasts, although you can find LinkedIn podcasts on all the other major podcast providers, including Spotify, though you’ll need to search for the specific podcast name.

Some of the podcasts on offer are only available to listen to for a few days, while others have a few more episodes at launch. Either way, the new podcast network has more than a few episodes to wrap your ears around.

A lot of podcasts center around interviews or news, but sometimes you want a podcast that tells a story. These story podcasts are like a good book that draws you in and keeps you hooked.

So, to help you sort the wheat from the chaff, here is a list of the best storytelling podcasts that are focused on telling exciting and interesting stories. Subscribe to these podcasts that tell stories and you’ll never need radio drama again.

1. Homecoming

Homecoming tells the story of Walter Cruz (Oscar Isaac), a former soldier, and Heidi Cruz (Catherine Keener), his therapist in an experimental rehabilitation program. This story podcast is full of twists and turns. Each episode reveals more about the characters, the program and the unsolved truth behind it.

In addition to Isaacs and Keener, David Schwimmer (as Bergman’s impressively intense and infuriating supervillain), Amy Sedaris and David Cross also provide voice acting. The talent of the actors and the high production values ​​make this a standout.

The podcast was so well received that Amazon picked it up and turned it into a TV series. You should watch it along with these other great Amazon Originals.

2. Welcome to Night Vale

The premise of Welcome to the Night Vale is simple: each episode features updates from the fictional city of Night Vale. You’ll find weather, local news, updates from the Sheriff’s Office, and information on various activities. But things are a little stranger in Night Vale than you’re probably used to.

Deadpan humor, unsettling paranormal events, and the search for the mysterious Night Vale put the scripted-podcast on the throne, and it hasn’t let up. A little science fiction, a little horror, and a little comedy make this a unique podcast, and well worth a listen.

3. Myths and legends

Myths and legends tell stories of magic, dragons, knights and wizards. It’s all about the folklore that shaped our world and cultures. Think something along the lines of Robin Hood or Thor—stories you may know from Hollywood. But this podcast looks at their true origins.

Some folktales you may think you know, others you may not have heard of at all. Regardless, you are unlikely to know the real stories. Myths & Legends is hosted by the engaging Jason Weiser as he tackles exciting and gripping tales from the past.

4. Limetown

“Ten years ago, more than three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again.” How could you possibly not subscribe to this podcast after hearing that description? Limetown evokes the serial, although it is a fictional story told from the point of view of a fictional journalist.

Limetown packs a punch, despite each season being relatively short. If you’re looking for drama and you like the journalistic style of The Black Tapes, or the alien hunting fun of The X-Files, this should definitely be on your list.

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