Top MRI Labs In India

When your doctor recommends you to get an MRI scan then choosing the top MRI labs In India can make a huge difference. You get the most accurate results and your overall experience is also not so daunting.

Patients will likely feel even more confident if the center has NABH accreditation, in our opinion. You might need a facility with an open MRI if you have a claustrophobic fear of small spaces.

The price of the MRI being offered is obviously a factor in selecting the best center. In this article we will tell you about the top MRI labs in India. We have done the research for you and we can assist you in selecting the ideal center for you.

Top MRI Labs In India

MRI Lab NameProsCons
Mahajan Imaging, Hauz Khas, South DelhiEarly adopter of MRI technology Experienced radiologist Dr. Harsh Mahajan Open Standing MRI option 1.5 Tesla GE machinesMay have higher costs compared to some newer centers Location may not be convenient for everyone Limited to 1.5 Tesla technology
Suraksha DiagnosticsModern facilities in JanakPuri center Convenient location near metro station 1.5 Tesla MRI machines Competitive pricingChain relatively new in Delhi, may not have same reputation as established names Limited to 1.5 Tesla technology
Max Super Speciality HospitalState-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI scanners Advanced protocols and highly qualified radiologists Spacious and comfortable scan rooms Flexible appointments and personalized care Patient navigatorsHigher costs compared to most other options May have longer waiting times due to high demand
Orbit Imaging & Path Lab Pvt LtdLarge network of centers across Delhi 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla MRI machines available Standardized protocols and strict quality control Accredited by NABH and NABLSome centers may have older equipment May not offer the same level of personalized care as smaller clinics
SRL DiagnosticsExtensive chain with nationwide reach Competitive rates and multiple payment options Standardized protocols and quality control Accredited by NABH and NABLMay have longer waiting times due to high volume Focus on standardization may lead to less personalized care Limited high-field scanners (3 Tesla)

1. Mahajan Imaging, Hauz Khas, South Delhi: Mahajan Imaging is likely the most reliable MRI facility in Delhi. By 1991, Mahajan Imaging had become one of the earliest introducers of MRI scanners in India.

Mahajan Imaging’s Dr. Harsh Mahajan, MD, is among the best radiologists in Delhi. The Mahajan Imaging center at Hauz Khas has 1.5 Tesla GE MRI machines.

This gadget can perform simple MRI scans and also complex ones such as Diffusion MRI, MR Angiography, MRI Cardiac, Functional MRI (fMRI), MRSpectroscopy, and Much More.

Hauz Khas Center for Open Standing MRI is another option available here. Open MRIs are a choice for many people due to their fear of closed ones.

2. Suraksha Diagnostics: Suraksha Diagnostics is a chain of MRI centers based in Kolkata with its headquarters there. Its operation in Delhi started two years ago. A recent renovation has made Janak Puri center more modern while giving it facilities of the highest quality today. It also has an added benefit of being near a metro station. Quality radiology services are provided by this center using 1.5 Tesla MRI machines.

3. Max Super Speciality Hospital: Max, a network of advanced imaging centers in India, has state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI scanners. To ensure accurate diagnoses for different conditions, its highly qualified radiologists use advanced protocols and techniques under the supervision of renowned specialists.

To make sure that the patients are comfortable, Max makes use of spacious scan rooms equipped with air conditioners. They also have flexible appointment schedules and provide personalized care. Moreover, they have specialized patient navigators to ensure that you do not get stressed up throughout the whole ordeal.

4. Orbit Imaging & Path Lab Pvt Ltd: Orbit runs a large network of diagnostic centers in Delhi which are accessible by all residents in the city. These centers are equipped with a variety of modern MRI machines including 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla options, serving different types of imaging needs.

They employ standardized imaging techniques and adhere to strict quality control protocols to ensure consistent and reliable results. In addition, their facilities are accredited by prestigious organizations such as NABH and NABL proving their commitment to excellence.

5. SRL Diagnostics: SRL Diagnostics owns an extensive chain of diagnostic centers across India which have made MRI scans more accessible countrywide. They offer competitive rates as well as multiple payment methods thereby making it possible for all social groups to afford them just like other high-quality MRI scans.

SRL’s centers are standardized in their protocols and have strict quality control measures. This will ensure that they produce MRI results that can be trusted regardless of the location. Their credibility is further enhanced by accreditations from prestigious organizations like NABH and NABL.

How to select Top MRI Labs In India?

  • One should always go for laboratories with 3 Tesla MRI scanners as these have been regarded as the best in terms of detailed image resolution and accurate diagnoses. Also, check whether there are specialized coil options available based on your body area to make it more precise.
  • One should prefer a lab that is conveniently situated around his/her home or doctor’s office to avoid wasting time while traveling plus stress. Considerable parking space and traffic patterns will make your experience swift.
  • This is not so for every person who hates entrapment. Should you be worried about claustrophobia, you can ask for open MRI scans or sedation options which might help you to calm down and then get through the process without getting anxious.
  • Check if your insurance policy covers the scan at the selected laboratory and ask about out-of-network charges so that you can avoid any unforeseen costs.
  • A center that has been accredited by renowned organizations such as NABL or NABH is preferable because it shows that they follow stringent quality standards and safety guidelines.


In this article we discussed Top MRI Labs In India. Choosing the right MRI lab in India can feel like trying to find your way through a labyrinth of medical jargons. Beyond the technology and expertise, however, it is necessary for this journey of yours towards a clear diagnosis to be more than just specs and credentials.

In fact, you can find the best MRI lab by combining advanced imaging, dedicated professionals and patient orientation. This article has provided the list of top MRI labs across India. Always discuss your specific needs and fears, listen to their clinical acumen and point you to the lab that can light up your path forward into healing.


Q. Which hospital has the best MRI machine in India?

Answer. One of the greatest MRI scan facilities in India is Max Hospital. For MRI scans, we offer the best hospital experience and patient care in India. Patients will receive high-quality care because we house state-of-the-art technology and renowned specialists under one roof.

Q. What is the highest quality MRI?

Answer. In a nutshell, whole-body screening works best at 1.5T. In the torso, where 95% of cancers and the majority of diseases are found, a 1.5T MRI machine yields higher-quality images. Better quality brain imaging is produced by a 3T MRI machine.

Q. Which MRI machine is better?

Answer. In an ideal situation, every MRI scanner would be 3T since the stronger magnet in a 3T scanner produces the best images. But if you take into account the earlier factors, a 1.5T scanner might be a better option.

Q. How many MRI machines are there in India?

Answer. According to information released in August by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology, there are less than 5,000 MRI machines in India. That equates to roughly 3.5 machines for every million people.

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