Yashoda Hospital Hitech City


Hyderabad has one of India’s top hospitals, Yashoda Hospital Hitech City which is renowned for providing top-notch healthcare services. They work hard to give every member of the community the best treatment.


Yashoda Hospital Hitech City has been in the forefront of medical breakthroughs since its founding, providing patients with access to cutting-edge equipment.


Due to their dedication to innovation, they are able to provide more accurate, efficient therapies that yield better outcomes.


Yashoda Hospital Hitech City: Overview


Yashoda Hospital Hitech City is a top-ranking multi-organ transplant hospital in India that is located in the heart of Hitech City, Hyderabad which is also known as the silicon valley of India. It occupies 20 lakhs square feet area on a 5 acre campus.


The 2 lakh square feet public area includes lobbies, food courts, convention centers and VIP lounges that offers panoramic views of the city and gardens.


There are more than 4000-5000 square feet green space each floor to support healing environment for patients. The rooftop provides services like Air ambulance service and medical evacuation.


Yashoda Hospitals Hitech City boasts several “Centres of Excellence” for different specialities ensuring world-class healthcare delivery system.


This hospital has various multiple organ transplant units such as liver, pancreas, heart, lung, kidney, bone marrow (BMT) along with comprehensive critical care and emergency services available round-the-clock.


With 250 OP consultation rooms; 100 medical specialties; around 800 specialist doctors; personalized patient care is taken into account.


Yashoda Hospital Hitech City: Facilities & Amenities


In Yashoda Hospitals, the accommodations for in-patients are super specialized, sanitary and large. They provide best-in-class inpatient facilities including well furnished A/C Deluxe rooms, cubicles, general wards, single private rooms, twin sharing rooms and VIP Suites.


They offer individual rooms with TV, phone and attached toilets. Each room is equipped with modern amenities like cable TV connection, hot/cold running water facility, a personal wardrobe cupboard and good ventilation.


In most cases the hospital assigns the room based on patient preference; insurance limits; type of care advised by doctor. Here we have mentioned some of the facilities in details:


  1. General Wards Facility: General Ward is an economic solution to accommodate many patients at one go. These are spacious rooms with telephone lines, attached bathroom with necessary fittings like commode; chairs for attendants or visitors etc.


Beside delivering the highest quality medical treatment to patients and their families who come here from all over the world; Yashoda Hospital also ensures unmatched comfort and superior amenities.


  1. Dining Facility: Cafeteria and Dining Restaurant – Yashoda Hospitals provides two distinct dining options along with its on-site culinary excellence that is best-in-class among all other hospitals in India. Additionally, they have cafeterias where patients, visitors, and guests can have quick bite options.


  1. Pharmacy Facility: Yashoda hospitals have pharmaceutical services open 24/7. The hospital ensures that all drugs are available when they should be in our pharmacy.


The medicines they store at their pharmacies are authentic and kept as per the regulations.


  1. 24-hour ATM Facility: There is an automated teller machine (ATM) in the hospital which works for full day so that patients and visitors can have easy access to cash.


Yashoda Hospital Hitech City: Awards and Accreditation


Yashoda Hospitals received two categories of AHPI Awards for Excellence in Healthcare. Two units were awarded – Somajiguda unit as “Patient Friendly Hospital” and Secunderabad unit for “Quality Beyond Accreditation.”


Yashoda hospitals have been recognized by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) for excellence in nursing.


NABH acknowledges health organizations that ensure adequate standards of nursing care. Nursing staff is the foundation of healthcare. Competent, ethical, caring nurses provide comfort and care to patients and families.


Yashoda Hospitals strives after betterment towards supporting and enabling excellent nursing practices for health promotion and disease prevention. The hospital meets requirements necessary for nursing excellence in care delivery.


Yashoda Hospital Hitech City: Achievements


Yashoda Hospitals’ staff and physicians provide individualized care to their patients by taking the time to get to know them. Here, patients can receive treatment and recuperation from a team of highly qualified medical consultants, certified medical professionals, competent surgeons, cutting-edge facilities and equipment, support groups, and social workers.


They provide careful consideration to the patient’s demands and comfort. Their approach is vigorous, combining meticulous monitoring of our patients’ general health and well-being with treatment options.


Patients benefit from a targeted, individualized care, which builds on the strengths of our community setting. Every patient receives more individualized care, and their specific demands are given considerable thought and attention.


Yashoda Hospital Hitech City: Yashoda Foundation


The Yashoda Foundation was established by the Yashoda Group of Hospitals and offers educated orphan youth and Employment Linked Training Programme.


Encouraging communities and providing chances for the impoverished, particularly the young orphans, in the fields of health, education, and training is the Foundation’s stated goal.


The primary goal is to train people in employability skills and then provide full placement help. The Foundation wants to see inclusive, sustainable growth that uplifts the socioeconomic status of young orphans and impoverished people.


As required by the companies, the Foundation will train the selected orphan youngsters in employable skills. Yashoda Foundation has worked with well-known training providers to offer 59 distinct training courses, including ones offered by Yashoda Hospitals, in order to address this.


Features of Yashoda Hospital Hitech City


Quality care: Yashoda Hospital gives priority to quality by researching best practices and using advanced technology for the safe treatment of rare conditions which may be complex too. Such successes have made them leaders in their field.


Technology: Highly skilled healthcare professionals are enabled to provide efficient and safe medical services through the use of current technology by this institution.


They adopt new developments as they emerge thereby continually improving what can be achieved in modern medicine.


Facilities: With a wealth of knowledge about complicated procedures, the staff at Yashoda Hospital knows how to perform them without causing much pain to patients thus enabling them recover faster.


Consequently, people spend less time in hospital, heal quicker, resume normal duties earlier, get scars that do not last long and avoid several other problems associated with traditional surgeries.


Teamwork: Having many qualified doctors who are certified by different boards and have various areas of specialization is one way through which Yashoda Hospital ensures patient satisfaction.


Additionally these doctors work all round the clock including public holidays so as to enhance customer experience while receiving treatment.


Procedures: The healthcare workers of the Yashoda Hospital have been taught how to do difficult techniques well that cause the least amount of pain for patients as possible.


Such operations can bring a lot of advantages including shorter hospital stays, faster healing rates, quicker resumption of normal activities, less scarring and fewer problems than traditional surgeries do.

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